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Budgets and Cents Podcast - Personal Budgeting

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Welcome to the third episode of Budgets and Cents with Cait and Carrie. Today we’re talking about personal budgeting (as opposed to business budgeting, which we’ll talk about in a future episode).

Budgeting is one of Carrie’s least favorite words, but it’s Cait’s favorite topic – she even calls budgets her friend! We know, we know. You’re thinking she’s crazy. (Carrie agrees with you!) But in this episode, we set out to prove that budgets aren’t boring.

We also look at the ways our personal budgeting strategies have grown and changed over the years. And despite the fact that our strategies are different, we both believe one thing: budgets aren’t meant to be restrictive – they are a tool that can help you do the most you can with the money you have.

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