Staying Curious

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Hello, friends! Welcome to another season of Budgets and Cents, a podcast co-hosted by Cait Flanders (formerly Blonde on a Budget) and Carrie Smith Nicholson (Careful Cents). If this is your first time listening, we’re glad you’re here! This is our fourth season of the podcast, but you can catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed through our episode guide.

This week’s episode is all about staying curious and becoming a critical thinker. These are traits that allow you to experiment, try new things and be open to more opportunities in your life. And we both talk about how curiosity has helped us with our money and the various experiments we’ve done with our budgets, income and expenses.

How do you become a curious person if you’re not curious by nature? How do you get the courage to put yourself and your ideas/thoughts out there? We answer all of these questions and talk a bit more in-depth about how doing so has changed our lives. As always, we close with a few tips on how and why you should become more curious in your own life.

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